ThinkORB offers personal, group and corporate services.


We will customize a plan that matches your goals and help you implement the new direction and expectations through organizational design, change management, culture, leadership development and talent optimization.

Let us help you be your best.


To maintain a competitive advantage, corporations need people who are working together synergistically. 


The team here at ThinkORB has compiled a collection of assessment tools in order to analyze groups and organize successful teams. This enhanced environment will increase staff retention and satisfaction. Happy and effective teams equal a more profitable thriving business.


Organizational changes can mean high resistance. Peter Senge, expert in organizational development from MIT explains it this way,

“People don’t resist change, they resist being changed.”


While you may recognize the benefits of the upcoming change, many team member are asking questions like, “Do they still need me?” and “How do I stay valuable?”

Understanding your team and clearly communicating the vision will reduce the strain, ushering in excellent productivity and employee satisfaction.

ThinkORB can help you develop a customized strategy, focused on your company's specific goals, implementing your improvements while utilizing the great assets already in your unique staff. You don’t have to change the people; you just have to show them the goal so they can give you the best of themselves.


Workplace culture is EVERYTHING


By that we mean, EVERYTHING, from Leadership to the way the office is arranged, from company policies to the way things are communicated. Is your company culture strengthening your objectives or weakening them?

Most corporations make the mistake of just letting culture evolve instead of defining it. Although it can be very difficult to define, ThinkORB offers assessment and survey tools to help you gauge your culture. This may reveal gaps between the culture you want to attain and the culture you currently have. Working closely with your leadership we can help expose your workplace tone and develop a strategy to attain your desired atmosphere.

A thriving culture attracts talent, strengthens retention, impacts employee satisfaction, and affects overall performance. Let ThinkORB help you elevate your work culture and assist your team in meeting their maximum potential. 


Accomplishing ambitious goals requires synergy,

purpose and action.


 ThinkORB recognizes that these three elements come together best when focus is properly on developing leaders. TAP into our simple model:

  • Tell people what is possible;
  • Apprise your team members of their individual potential;
  • Present a clear vision for everyone to see and follow

Designing a powerful training presentation is only part of the corporate educating solution.

Performing a complete needs analysis will improve training success.



At ThinkORB we have several tools to help you fine tune your training needs. We will work closely with your team to determine your training needs and design a path forward to efficient and effective training programs.


Industry research has shown that action learning is critical for adult learning retention. Action learning creates opportunities for participants to apply what they are learning in a context that reflects their real work environment. The learner is understanding, doing, getting feedback and doing again. ThinkORB includes action learning concepts in all training designs in order to establish maximum retention and benefit.